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Tensile Stealth Tree Tent
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Tentsile Stealth Tree Tent – Overview

Tentsile Stealth Tree Tent

Tentsile Stealth Tree Tent - Overview 4

Overview of the key features and product highlights


Tentsile Stealth Tree Tent Overview 

Built upon our tough, fabric Trillium Hammock, the Stealth is our most versatile Tree Tent with an easily-set TriPad pole socket and three convenient, full-zip doors.

Relax in complete comfort or sleep under the stars by unclipping the rainfly and insect mesh to leave a 3 person hammock.

A 100%-waterproof, UV-resistant rainfly clips directly to the ratchets, keeping gear and ground dry below.

  • Everything you need for this off the ground tent packs neatly into a stylish, compact duffle bag including: the hammock, the pole, the rainfly, the mesh, three ratchets, and three 19’ lines of flat webbing.

Tentsile Stealth Tree Tent


Tentsile stealth Tree Tents all come with a fully enclosed insect mesh roof and removable rainfly sheets so you can enjoy the stars on a clear night!

As these tents are designed to be suspended in tension, they are unaffected by topography or water, and they also provide increased separation from bugs, snakes and other, larger predators.

The elegant structure comprises an adjustable frame of 2.5 tonne webbing straps, a micro insect mesh roof, and a UV resistant, PU-coated and waterproof polyester fabric fly.

The webbing frame is held in tension at each of the three anchor points by being ratcheted tight while internal floor straps divide the space into individual hammocks.

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