Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Sleeping Bag (Long Left Hand) – One


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  • Welded Lamina Construction – Prevents cold spots and enhances loft.
  • Zoned Insulation – Maximises warmth in key areas of the bag.
  • Thermal Q – Insulation which is excellent for compressing and maintains loft.
  • Nylon Shell – Repels water ensuring ample weather protection.
  • Polyester Lining – Wicks sweat to keep you warm and dry.
Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Sleeping Bag Unique Lamina construction maximizes the loft of your insulation, eliminates cold spots and thermally maps insulation to areas you need the most warmth. By strategically placing insulation, we are able to concentrate warmth where you need it most – around your core and feet. The Lamina Z Sleeping Bag is made with a proprietary welded Lamina construction. This enhances loft and creates a fuller space for heat to be trapped inside. By using laminated construction, the insulation is welded instead of stitched which will prevent cold spots and create a much warmer environment. This way you don’t have to sacrifice the warmth for a lighter weight bag. The insulation is specifically zoned to key areas which maximise warmth in key areas which feel the cold more such as the core and feet. ThermalQ insulation has been specifically chosen as it maintains excellent loft and has outstanding compressibility. By trapping and holding heat the insulation works to provide warmth straight out of the bag and holds it throughout the night. It ensures the highest warmth to weight ratio making for a lightweight, manageable sleeping bag. A durable, lightweight nylon shell works to repel water ensuring added weather protection whilst a soft polyester lining wicks away moisture ensuring you remain cool, dry and comfortable at all times. The Laminina Sleeping Bag’s comfort mummy cut is snug for added warmth; it maximises warmth and fit whilst minimising weight. A full-length zip has been added to the front of the sleeping bag which allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the fastening when they are in or out of the bag. Dual sliders have also been added to the zip which minimises weight but still allows the wearer to adjust the fastening and provides ventilation when it is needed. A down-filled face gasket comfortably blocks drafts at the opening of the hood to keep you protected and reduce any wind chill. The comfort footbox allows na


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