backpacking tips
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Lightweight Backpacking Tips

Essential Lightweight Backpacking Tips Backpacking is a mix between camping and hiking the most efficient way is to go as light as you can. You will feel the difference this makes once you are out on a trail. Here are a few lightweight backpacking tips that will help you enjoy more of your trip Organize Your Backpacking Gear Inspect closely and thoroughly each piece of backpacking gear your planning on taking. Figure out what is necessary and what you can do without. A lot of gear can serve many uses.…

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Trail running shoes
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How to Select Trail Running Shoes

Trail Running Shoes Explained And How To Select < Trail running reawakens our ancient connection to the wild. In this short film, we wanted to capture the spirit of trail running, why we run, why it’s such a special and personal experience. We also wanted to show that ANYONE CAN TRAIL RUN! You don’t have to be elite, it’s open to all. We hope this film inspires you to rediscover your wild through trail running!RUN THE WILD YOUTUBE CHANNEL  Trail Running Trail running generally takes place on hiking tracks, usually…

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Arc' teryx Climbing Presents: City To Sandstone 4
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Arc’ teryx Climbing Presents: City To Sandstone

Arcteryx Climbing There is an advantage connected with climbing outdoors. Climbing up in fitness centers is supplying accessibility to a sporting activity that is or was  inaccessible for several groups in the city. Emily Harrington Trad Climbing The Best Backpacking Water Purifiers Best 10 Outdoor Trekking Brands of 2019 Read More
Hiking BackPack
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Choosing Your Perfect Hiking Backpack

Guide To Choosing Your Perfect Hiking Backpack So you want to go on an adventure, but you have no idea where to start when it comes to your hiking backpack, but never fear! We here at Adventure Gear Zone have got you covered with this Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Hiking Backpack. The first and most important question you want to ask yourself is how much space do you need for all of your gear, and the answer depends on what exactly you plan on doing. Hiking Backpack Capacity 20…

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hiking boots
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Choosing The Right Hiking Boots

Choosing The Right Hiking Boots For An Enjoyable Hiking Experience Hiking Boots are the most valuable item in your backpacking gear the quality and fit determine your overall hiking experience If you’ve ever been 5 miles from the trail head with painful blisters, and even a sprained ankle, you will appreciate how much your hiking satisfaction rests literally on the quality of your Hiking Boots. The choice of the right hiking boots can be the difference between a terrific experience and a disaster. The option of the right pair of…

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Ebay Camping Equipment
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Ebay Camping Equipment Auctions

Purchase Discount Rate Camping Equipment At Ebay Camping Equipment Auctions As an amateur to outdoor camping in the excellent outdoors you might be tempted to buy no-name brand camping devices, which is OK in the beginning. When you’ve been camping a couple of times and have decided that outdoor camping is right for your way of life, then you will desire to buy quality outdoor camping devices constructed for the long term. I will show you, in this post, how to buy high quality name brand camping gear at half…

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best outdoor trekking brands 2019
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Best 10 Outdoor Trekking Brands of 2019

Outdoor Trekking And Backpacking Are Strenuous Tasks which need High-Quality Equipment. Nonetheless, Not All Outdoor Trekking Brands Make Top Notch Items.   10 Best Outdoor Trekking Brands 2019 To aid your search for excellent walking and backpacking products, we made this option of the 10 ideal outdoor trekking brands for walkers and backpackers. The selected Outdoor Trekking Brands differ from various other outdoor trekking brands by using innovative innovations and making sturdy, yet inexpensive products. However, remember that no exterior brand name masters all sectors of hiking equipment; a brand…

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backpacking water purifiers
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The Best Backpacking Water Purifiers

Drink What Nature Provides With The Best Backpacking Water Purifiers You Can Buy We don’t want contaminated water to spoil our outdoor adventure, which is why we chose the MSR Trail Base 2L as our top pick for a Backpacking Water Purifiers It’s a versatile backpacking water purifiers that can be used at a campsite and then broken down into a pocket-sized purifier for use on the trail   One of our favorite features is the small attached hose that lets you purify water where a bottle can’t reach We…

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hiking experience
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Tips to Make Your Next Hiking Experience a Safe One

Hiking Experience Are you, your household, your buddies, or your romantic partner planning to enjoy a hiking experience? As you likely currently know, a hiking experience can be enjoyable and exciting, but it can be dangerous at the very same time. Of course, there are a number of various actions that you can require to secure yourself on your next hiking adventure and a few of those steps are outlined listed below. If you have yet to pick your hiking path, you will desire to do so soon. The sooner…

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