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How to Select Trail Running Shoes

Trail Running Shoes Explained And How To Select


Trail running reawakens our ancient connection to the wild. In this short film, we wanted to capture the spirit of trail running, why we run, why it’s such a special and personal experience. We also wanted to show that ANYONE CAN TRAIL RUN! You don’t have to be elite, it’s open to all. We hope this film inspires you to rediscover your wild through trail running!

Trail Running

Trail running generally takes place on hiking tracks, usually on single track routes, even though fire roadways are not unusual. A distinct function of the trails is that they are frequently unattainable by major roads but of the trailheads.

Trail running has actually ended up being a preferred sport in the passing years, with about 600,000 sets of trail running shoes offered in the year 2006 alone. Trail running is a sport popular not just in the United Kingdom but likewise in the United States, Australia, and Canada.

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Trail Running Shoes

A lot of trail runners wear specifically developed running shoes that have rigid, knobby soles that are normally more powerful than regular running shoes.

Featured Product

The Norvan SL Trail Running Shoe

The Norvan SL Trail Running Shoes
The Norvan SL Trail Running Shoes

At 185 grams, the Norvan SL is one of the lightest trail running shoes ever developed. It features a highly breathable, exceptionally hydrophobic, hardwearing TPU mesh upper that easily folds down for compact packability. Designed to perform across a range of terrains, the Vibram® outsole with Megagrip rubber compound provides an enhanced grip on wet or dry trails.

Shop The Norvan SL Trail Running Shoe Womens

Shop The Norvan SL Trail Running Shoe Mens


Trail running shoes are low to the surface area to enable the maximum stability on rough terrain. The product substance in the midsole is to protect your feet from blisters and wounds from sharp items, the shoes are less padded than regular running shoes.

Considering that trail running is carried out on softer surface areas such as grass or narrow routes, than road races, padding is not as vital.

Features of Trail Running Shoes

Trail running shoes need to be more resilient and strong than typical running shoes to safeguard your feet from the more rocky terrain. Trail running shoes ought to keep your foot free from damp and be absolutely dry, and also consist of a sole designed to get a toehold on the wet, rocky or difficult roadway surface.

Featured Product

Inov8 X-Talon 200 Unisex Trail Running Shoes

inova 8 x trail running shoes
Inov-8 X-talonTM 200, unisex-adult Trail Runner Shoes

Inov8 X-Talon 200 Unisex Trail Running Shoes Features

  1. A flexible, lightweight racing shoe that delivers unrivaled grip over soft or extreme terrain and is super-fast on dry trails too. The number one choice for elite athletes wanting to run fast off-trail.
  2. Highly durable, quick-draining and packed with protection features that make it perfect for wet, rocky off-trail running an obstacle course racing at high speed.
  3. Upper – Met-Cradle/Synthetic Mesh The Inov8 X-Talon 200 Trail Unisex Running Shoes is composed of a synthetic Mesh which covers the upper for lightweight, breathable coverage.
  4. The ventilated construction actively allows air to permeate the interior footbed for reliable freshness to the feet.
  5. Get more miles out of your shoes: Industry-leading lightweight upper material increases durability.
  6. The material, combined with the new mesh tongue, further aids shoe breathability, and comfort. The upper construction is covered with a DWR (durable water repellent) treatment, this is a water resistant and breathable layer that provides partial weather protection from rainy days but does not fully diminish the effect if the weather gets more intense.
  7. Cradling the upper structure, Inov8’s Met-Cradle is a synthetic webbing upper that links the eyelets and supports the forefoot, providing a secure fit and feel. It locks the foot in place for a superior hold, bringing the material closer to the foot for better flexibility and responsiveness.
  8. Finally, a TPU Lacing System uses TPU lacing supports for a strong, lightweight and secure fit. The extra-protective lace eyelets and narrower lacing system ensure a secure, snug fit across the mid-foot.
  9. Working in unison with the eyelets, securing and supporting the foot through transition and enjoy more protection: Reinforced toe box delivers outstanding protection on descents, and against stones and other debris.


The first thing you need to do is to find a trail running shoe that has a stronger and more resilient, bent sole which will help you to gain more footing on rocks and mud. The sole ought to likewise effectively be shockproof, from working on hard and rocky surface areas, such as pebbles, mud, and rocks.

You can likewise find trail running shoes that have strong upper soles that are water evidence and easy to clean. The uppers should be made from an element, generally nylon or polyester, that can wick moisture away from the feet, keeping it dry and cool.

More costly trail running shoes may have specialized uppers that are made from a material that is highly water resistant typical to hiking and climbing shoes.

Fitting & Sizing

Ensure that your trail running shoes fit firmly so that it will assist you to avoid slips and feet sores. Likewise, you might require to buy a trail running shoe that will extend enough to hold thick socks during bad weather conditions.

Select a light trail running shoe that will assist reduce exhaustion over longer path runs. The majority of trail running shoes weigh no more than 2 lbs. that is half the weight of normal hiking shoes.

Pick a pair of trail running shoes from a quality brand to have additional toughness and stability. You can visit a shoe store that specially sells path running shoes.

The sales clerk at these shoe stores has enough knowledge with the various products and the most recent features of the trail running shoes they provide.

Socks are an important concern

When you purchase a new set of trail running shoes, purchase the right kind of socks. Socks ought to also be lightweight yet durable, and they need to enable your feet to breathe.

You must select socks that are compatible with your trail running shoes to keep your feet devoid of moisture, cool and blisters.

Shop Socks

Choose a light trail running shoe that will assist reduce exhaustion over longer path runs.

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