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Emergency First Aid Kits + Life Systems

Travel and outdoor healthcare should never be taken for granted. When you’re outside your comfort zone, or travelling to an unfamiliar part of the world there is a greater risk of illness and injury.

Emergency First Aid Kits + Life Systems

Lifesystems has protected adventurers and explorers against accident and disease for more than 20 years. Constant research, regular product revision and scientific innovation keep Lifesystems at the forefront of outdoor and travel health protection.

They work with some of the world’s most highly respected expedition and emergency medical experts to ensure their first aid packs and mosquito repellents are leading the way in outdoor innovation. Lifesystems provides the essential protection you need

Emergency First Aid Kits

These emergency first aid kits provide the essential protection you need whilst enjoying camping, hiking, backpacking & outdoor pursuits

Mountain Leader First Aid Kit +

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Mountain Leader First Aid Kit +

The Mountain Leader First Aid Kit provides the equipment needed to care for a large group of between 1 and 14 persons. This kit is also used by survival training schools in the UK. It has been designed with the help of expedition doctor Hugh Montgomery and members of the British Special Forces medical team.

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Our range of first aid and wilderness survival equipment is designed with the needs of the modern explorer in mind. They are available in various sizes to suit your adventure. Our range of wilderness survival equipment includes everything you need to keep yourself or other people safe during an emergency, ensuring that everyone is kept protected and cared for.

Browse our selection outdoor adventure gear online to find the ideal first aid and wilderness survival kits for your next adventure.

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