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Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent

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This Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent is compact, portable and great for Hiking, Backpacking, Kayaking, Mountaineering, Fishing or Car Camping.


Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent

Warmth, Breathable, Privacy:

Unique inner Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent design makes it possible to keep much more warmth, 2 doors with double layers (cloth+mesh) are ideal for breathability

Large space, Lightweight:

Extra cross-pole on top allows for a significant increase in volume, this stuff weighs 5.7lb, folded size is 18.5×5.9×5.9 inches , perfect for 2 person use.

Water resistent & Durability:

Rain fly we use 190T Polyester with PU coating while the tent floor differs as 150D Oxford fabric with PU3000 coating. Easy to setup & Compact: Free-standing and 3 Aluminum poles design, easily setup by one person with no experience. This Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent is compact, portable and great for Hiking, Backpacking, Kayaking, Mountaineering, Fishing or Car Camping.

Easy to setup & Compact:

The Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent is a Free-standing and 3 Aluminum poles design, easily setup by one person with no experience. This backpacking tent is compact, portable and great for Hiking, Bikepacking, Kayaking, Mountaineering, Fishing or Car Camping.What you get: 1 x carry bag, 1 x inner tent,1 x tent fly, 3 x Aluminum poles, 4 x ropes, 12 x Aluminum stakes, 1 x Net bag



Type: Archeos 2P Tent

Color: White / Green
Model No.: BD12011110

Suitable seasons:


Tent Poles: 7.9mm 7001 Aluminum alloy
Tent Fly: 190T Polyester PU2000mm W/R
Tent Body: B3 Mesh/190T Polyester PU450mm W/R
Tent Floor: 150D Oxford PU3000mm W/R

Suitable: Hiking, Camping, backpacking


Tent Size: 215*130*100 cm
Package Size: 47*15*15 cm
Accessories: Nails, Rope

Net Weight: 2.45kg
With SkirtWeight:2.6kg

Package Included:

1 *Tent Body
1 *Tent Fly
3 *Tent Poles
12 *Tent stakes
4 *Guy lines

1 *Carry bag Mesh bag

Product advantages:

1: The tent poles are made of 7.9mm 7001 Aluminum alloy bracket,light and firm,big space
2: The tent Fly is made of 190T Polyester which effectively to resist heavy rain.
3: The tent adding an extra short cross-pole on the top of the inner tent body, make more space
4: Tent snow skirt and less inner mesh design to make more warm and free times

 Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent

 Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent
Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent

 Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent

 Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent  Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent  Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent  Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent  Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent  Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent  Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent  Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent  Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent  Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent  Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent  Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent  Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent

 Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent

 Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent

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Brand Name


Pole Material

Aluminum Alloy



Building Type

Construction Based on Need


3 – 4 Person Tent



Outside Tent Waterproof Index

2000-3000 mm








One Bedroom


Four-season Tent

Bottom Waterproof Index

>3000 mm

Model Number




Number of Users


4 Season 2P

2 People Winter Tent With Skirt

3 Season 2P

2 People Tent For 3 Season

4 Season 3P

3-4 People Winter Tent With Skirt

3 Season 3P

3-4 People Tent For 3 Season


  1. Tony

    Overall I am impressed – I went back and bought a second one actually. We have been testing it for a week in the yard – sleeping in it 4 nights, wind and lots of garden hose water & rain. I has performed without issue – we are out on our first 2 night trip in a few weeks and am confident it will perform.

    Set up is best done at home once (instructions? what instructions hence the 1 star knock) to get the hang of things. We have it down to under 5 minutes including staking it out. The fly, even under water pressure, stays well away from the tent itself and we have had no moisture wicking issues etc… The dome is fully screened providing plenty of ventilation.

    The material is slick – to the point it was almost hard to roll back up lol. The ground sheet will be something I use regardless just to ensure there is no damage to the tent floor. The zippers decent and there is one point on the door where pegging pressure could be an issue, however a little attention should mitigate this (a prior review noted them; I concur it’s worth taking some care while using them).

    Other observations: there are four small storage pouch on the inside along with a single S hook at the front; the lash points on the tent have a reflective stripe although the cord itself is not; front and back vent openings are nice; vestibule: you can get boots under there, but not 3 packs.

    Weight: for those interested the tent kit came in at 1,990 grams and the tent kit + ground mat at 2,310 grams. Breakdown: poles 602g, tent 595g, fly 560g, ground mat 320g, pegs & cord 155g (pegs are 9g/pc).

    I realize everyone’s experience will be different; however IMHO this tent is a great place to start if you are outfitting for backpacking. It is well priced, light, roomy and well made – hitting all my high notes.

  2. Richard

    I had a tough time finding a true 3-person tent that could pack as needed. But this was truly a 3-person tent. We had to alternate sleeping positions (head feet head) but we fit 3 adult males in this with mummy bags and sleeping pads. We slept on a sand bank so I didn’t even bother pulling out the tent cover tie downs (so the tent looks sloppy in my photos) but once we got home I set the tent up again to dry it out fully and used all of the stakes and everything seemed to hold up fine. The stakes were a nice aluminum (lightweight but strong), the tent poles were one interconnected unit and raising the tent was easy. The tent also came with a footprint with buckles that allows the rain cover to clip onto so that the tent doesn’t slide off the footprint.

    Overall, I have spent 1 night in the tent and 2 days carrying it around.
    *It packed down small enough to pack down into a 40L drybag backpack with a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothes, and other misc supplies.
    *It slept 3 adults just as it said it could.
    *It kept us dry from the morning dew.
    *It was very easy to setup.
    *It came with everything that was needed and some extras as well.

    I have not used it in the rain, just morning dew from sleeping next to a river. It was reasonably moderate temperatures so I haven’t pushed the limits of this tent, but it worked great for my circumstance.

    The only potential I see for a problem point is the pole at the top seems to poke into the sides of the rain cover a little too tightly and I don’t see it lasting long before it poles through. But we will just have to wait and see.

    For the money, I am satisfied with my purchase and would recommend it for others looking for similar results.

  3. Ulrich

    We used this tent in Victorian weather (10-20mm rain) with strong winds and the rent held strong. There was no condensation in the morning due to perfect ventilation. Though the tent is advertised as a 3-person tent, it can fit 2 comfortably and possibly a third child (like many others have found). The tent was relatively easy to pitch and pack and could be this could be done by a single person. Many little features make this tent very appealing, like ropes on pegs to make then easy to pull, locking mechanisms on wind ropes, 4 pockets in the tent to stow away your phones and watches, poles locking the mat in place, and tiny metal rods to lift open the vents.

  4. Maria

    This tent is fantastic. We just got back from a night where we spend 4 hours in a severe thunderstorm. We stayed completely dry and cozy. We peaked out at one point and we were sitting in two inches of flooded grass, so the tub design seriously protected us as well. We had some tiny water droplets hitting our faces occasionally from the front air vent, but under a super windy downpour, that was not unexpected and it was truly a minimal amount.

    I just wish the tent was a little longer and wider. I camp with my boyfriend and our dog, and while we fit, our sleeping bags hit the top and foot of the tent and sometimes the sides if we accommodate the sprawling dog too much. This can be a problem when there’s condensation in the tent that bleeds from the sides into our sleeping bags. It’s also hard to fit our gear in with us.

    The 3-person tent really feels like a comfortable 2 person tent to us. But admittedly as car campers, we have large comfortable sleeping bags that your average backpacker will not dream of carrying. If this same design were ever enlarged to a 4-person tent, I will be buying it immediately! It goes up super fast, we stay dry and the two vents are really great!! Not to mention they have fantastic customer service!

    As we near fall camping, I really worry about condensation and that we need to get a larger tent now. But there’s too much that I love about this tent to replace it with another brand just yet!!

  5. Jackson

    I bought this tent to use as my cold weather tent and didn’t want to write the review until I’d used it ..just came back from a 5 day hike and temps got down to 3degrees C and we had a significant amount of rain and my dog and I stayed warm and dry ..I’m used to carrying a zpacks duplex (my warm weather tent weighs less than 2lbs) so this was quite heavy at 5lbs but for a 3P it is light as far as size it’s def NOT big enough for 3 but would be fine for two ..I had my small dog and all my gear and we had lots of room :))

  6. Graham

    This little thing is a tank. Its way lighter than any onther tent I’ve purchased and so easy to hike in with. In 2 days we literally tested it in spring and winter. Day 1 it was 60 and sunny and then we woke up day 2 with 5 inches of snow the next morning but were totally comfortable in this tent. Its a bit small for 3 people bit fit my girlfriend, dog, and I really comfortably with warmth and no issues at all. Will update as needed but overall very imoressed with this tent.

  7. Slav-Moscow Russia

    Палатка супер. То что я искал давно. Рекомендую, качество отличное. Дуги алюминиевые, колья тоже. Вобщем всё класс.

  8. Franky

    So, I’ve been looking for a 4-season tent that wasn’t too heavy and would protect us from inclement weather on the bad days without making us feel like we’re in a sauna when it’s warm out. This tent is lightweight (less than 6 pounds), was easy to put together, and comfortably slept two people. The zippers seem sturdy and should hold up to use and I like the anti-insect and privacy protection it offers—so long as you remember to keep it closed. Overall, it’s a good design and will work well for our camping needs and I feel comfortable knowing that it will hold up to repeat use.

  9. Ricky

    The tent was delivered very quickly, less than a week. The tent itself met my expectations, the quality corresponds to the description. In the field it showed itself well, It was purchased with a skirt, on a cool wind night with a skirt in a tent warmer than without it, in the future there is a test in the winter. Install the tent alone easily and quickly, according to the volume of the inner space it is more than most other tents. With the growth of 182 cm, I have a very comfortable inside and there is still a lot of space. Under the ceiling on the hooks is installed a mesh shelf, very convenient for a flashlight. The tent weighs only 2,5 kg, it is assembled in a compact case and takes up very little space. I like the tent, I’m delighted. Recommend

  10. Anatov

    Пришла быстро за 2е недели. Комплектация вся как в описании, собирается быстро и удобно. Брака вроде бы не заметил.

  11. Ivan

    Simple and easy to set up and pack down, is a perfect size for 1-2 people and felt very roomy solo. The tarp kept the entirety of the inside dry during a rainy weekend and I was not disappointed when it came to cleaning out the inside. Because of how light and easy it is to tote around it made going on semi spontaneous weekend trips very easy and possible. Overall I have enjoyed using this tent and can’t wait to see how it fairs the test of time!

  12. Ryan

    This is overall a very nice tent, and also a very attractive tent, if you care about such things. Even if you don’t, it’s designed nicely to keep the water out. I did apply some additional waterproofing to the rain tarp because I want to be sure, but it’s a nice material, and the build seems solid.

    What I really want to focus on here though is ease of setup. Very easy. Simple! I had this up in no time, which – if you’ve ever camped in inclement weather, you know this is important!

    Tear down was also an easy process. Everything fit nicely and snugly in its sack, and it’s pretty lightweight too. Not sure if you’d take this on some hardcore backpacking, but for regular camping or festival camping – for sure!.

  13. Oliver

    Taking out of the box, I thought it looked fairly well made, the stitching and quality of the fabric. My brother does a lot more camping than I do and has a more expensive small tent like this, and says that this didn’t compare too badly. I won’t be doing rugged camping with it, just pitching it in the yard outside my parents cabin or campgrounds most of the time. I think it should be able to last awhile.

    The directions were short and not very clear If you’ve put this kind of tent together before, it shouldn’t be a problem, though. It goes together in a pretty typical way. The first two steps are pretty simple, just put the long poles together and put them in the holes so that they cross each other. Then you have to put the cover over the tent and attaching it using clamps and strings and put the stakes in the ground, but the one sentence description of this step is not very clear. We were able to get it all together in maybe fifteen to twenty minutes, but we did have some experience putting this type of tent together. The stakes were actually pretty thick compared to what you often get with these tents. A lot of the time, they aren’t much more than wires. This made it easier to get them into the somewhat hard ground.

    The tent is just big enough for two people, and a little bit of a snug fit at that. I got a little one person mattress in there, too. There won’t be much room for any stuff you want to store in there, though. If you’ve got a hiking backpack, say, you’ll have to keep it at your feet or maybe outside the tent, maybe in the gap between the tent and the cover, in case it rains.

    As luck would have it, it did rain the night we tried it out, and the cover did a fine job keeping us dry. This tent is pretty reasonably priced and should be able to keep two people out of the elements while they sleep when we are out in the great outdoors for a few days.

  14. Jacko-Auckland NZ

    The tent came pretty quickly. Very pleased with the size of the tent in the package, very compact. The tent is made well and looks great, at first glance the minuses have not yet been found, and there life will show. For such money, the tent is super.

  15. Anna

    The tent is excellent! Very light, easy to assemble and great finish. I am happy with my purchase. Excellent for mountains. The packaging is good and small. To carry in a backpack easily.

  16. Sean-Stovepipe Wells California

    Haven’t taken it out, but set up inside to get a feel. Seems like a great camp tent! Excited to take it out this summer. Pretty easy set up, and surly enough space for 2 people.

  17. Dion

    Got to Dallas in three weeks. All packed well very happy

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